Learning is much more than simply acquiring knowledge: to learn is to also grow in integrity.  Each one of the stories on which our methodology is based, works the universal values that should be instilled in a child from infancy.  Values such as friendship, solidarity, generosity or environmental awareness accompany the stories and the activities of English & Kids.  We cannot help a child to nurture a great talent unless they are first equipped with the notions of love and kindness.

Values are essential for the healthy development of children.  They are the social rules of conduct, and attitudes, according to which we behave and which are in agreement with what we believe to be correct.  Children are not born innately good or bad but with the help of their parents, educators, and those around them, they learn the correct and incorrect ways to speak, to do, to act and to live.

The importance of values lies in the fact that they favour the development of the social habits necessary for coexistence, cooperation and, most importantly, which encourage the awareness of diversity.

Ultimately values establish the foundation for a civil and moral education and pave the way for a well-rounded development.

“Education goes beyond granting a degree. It helps harden the soul to circumnavigate the cliffs of life”