Aprendizaje significativo inglés

Learning in a significant way, and with meaning, requires the establishment of a relationship between what is already known and what needs to be learnt.

Therefore the new information is integrated into the knowledge in such a way that what is learnt can be applied to other situations and contexts.  In order for learning to be meaningful, it must be contextualized.

For that reason, we must be aware that learning a new skill develops within the context of an activity or project that arouses the interest of the students.  Planned activities should give the children the opportunity to speculate, explore, experiment, and ultimately, involve themselves in what is being done.  In that way, those activities will lead them to performing high level cognitive processes; specifically those that encourage them to think.

Significant learning is centred fundamentally on avoiding incomprehensible knowledge, highlighting the importance of the active role of the student.

“If I had to reduce all of educational psychology to just one principle, I would say this: The most important single factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows. Ascertain this and teach him accordingly “.
David Ausubel