We offer our methodology and materials so that teachers can deliver classes in a professionally structured and effective way.

  • Our teaching guides allow teachers to develop the methodology through daily sessions of 45 minutes over 5 days a week.
  • The methodology is designed in a way so that the students always maintain a high level of motivation, therefore guaranteeing successful learning.
  • We offer an online training for the teacher so that they are fully prepared to apply our methodology in the most effective way.
  • The materials provided include a teacher’s guide as well as various resources for the classes and children.

Teacher’s Materials

  • Teaching Guides for all the levels.
  • Storybook and box for each level.
  • CD with songs and audio for each level.
  • Dolls of the characters that feature in the story.
  • Downloadable material via the website.







Student’s Materials

  • 5 storybooks (21 x 21cm) and cases.
  • 1 CD with the songs and audio recordings of the corresponding level.
  • Workbooks for the levels P2 and above.